How do you get to AIM?

AIM begins each year in August. Although AIM is a two-year program, our prayer is that the adventure of learning God's word and sharing it with others will last a lifetime. So how do you get started?


Pray About The Decision
As Christians, we are servants of our Lord Jesus Christ. Talk to God about your desire to serve him in AIM and ask Him to bless your decision.


Apply to AIM
Apply as early as possible in order to give yourself time to get all your materials in and other people time to fill out your recommendations. You have the option of either downloading and printing the materials yourself, or requesting that AIM send you an information packet (including application) through the mail.
Download an Application and Other Information
Request an Information Packet via Mail


Raise Support
Learn about what you will need financially for AIM, and how you can raise support to meet that need.
Finances and Raising Support


Keep in Touch
Call or write with any questions you have as you prepare for your adventure. Stay in contact with us so we can be praying for you as well. We look forward to your arrival!
Contact AIM