AIM Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Applying to AIM

What is the application deadline to apply for AIM?
There is no set deadline to apply to AIM. AIM starts each year in early August and, in general, a good timeframe to apply for AIM would be: as early as possible after the first of the year. So, January or February would be a good time to start getting your application materials in to AIM. However, each spring and summer we also receive applications from students who did not even know about AIM back in January. This is great and we welcome applications such as these. In short, whether you've known about AIM for a long time and have had a long time to prepare to apply, or just found out about it and don't have much time before the next AIM class starts, we will work with you!

Do I need to have my support raised when I apply for AIM?
No. Go ahead and get your application materials sent to AIM first, and then concentrate on raising support.

AIM Training

What are Area Churches?
Area churches are simply churches in Lubbock and the surrounding area that participate in the training of AIM students in a special way. At the beginning of each AIM school year, the class is divided into about 8 or 9 groups, which we call "area church groups." Each Sunday you and your area church group will travel to your designated area church to worship, teach classes, work with their youth, visit shut-ins, and do service projects. You will be gone most of the day. Occasionally you may go on a Friday night and spend the weekend with the area church.

What if I don't have a car?
No problem. We try to make sure each apartment has at least one person with a car to help get everyone to class.


Are the apartments furnished?
The apartments where AIM students are housed are furnished with some basic items. There is a bed and a small chest of drawers for each student, and each apartment has a couch, a table and some chairs. It is also worth noting that there are usually items left by the previous AIM class when they moved out of their apartments. These items are consolidated to one location and are available on a first-come, first-served basis on the day of registration. This includes things such as dishes, silverware, and the occasional microwave or desk.

Can I bring extra shelves to store things on?
Yes, but the apartment management are picky about holes in the walls. If it's a stand up shelving unit, then that's no problem. However, if you want to hang things on the wall, we ask that it's not too much, and that the holes are small.

Will I have access to the internet?
The AIM apartments include free wireless internet. The apartment office provides instructions on how to connect to the wireless network. If your computer does not already have wireless capability built in, you may purchase a wireless card from the apartment office ($29 for a desktop card; $42 for a laptop card).

Can I request a certain roommate?
We don't recommend requesting roommates, for various reasons. However, if you feel the need to request one, we will try to honor the request.

When will I know who my roommates are?
Because AIM is continually receiving new applications even in the last few weeks before school starts, roommate assignments are normally not made until shortly before the start of the school year. If you want to know who your roommates will be, try calling about a week prior to registration (though we can't promise anything).


I see that you require Health Insurance. What if I am no longer on my parent's policy?
If you are not covered on a parent or guardian's policy, you will need to secure your own individual health insurance policy. These can normally be arranged through any insurance agent. Below are a couple of places you might consider contacting:

What are the weekend trips mentioned on the budget? Do you take trips every weekend?
The weekend trips mentioned in the budget pertain mostly to service at area churches on Sundays, which is a regular part of the AIM training. For these weekly area church visits, you will need to pay for gas and the occasional meal on the road. There are also a few weekend trips (Friday-Sunday or Saturday-Sunday) during the school year which involve visiting churches, service work, and recruiting future AIM students.


When does school start?
Registration is typically on the first Saturday in August, though it varies from year to year. Check the AIM Calendar or contact the AIM office for more specifics.

What all takes place on registration day?
Registration is from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Incoming students and their families are welcome to arrive anytime during that window, though we encourage students to come early in the day if possible. After registering, you will be part of an apartment orientation, where you will get directions and a key to your apartment. You'll have until 6:00 PM that night to move in, start getting set up, and shop for what you need. At 6:00 we will have a welcome dinner for students and their families and friends.

Is there anything for my parents?
There is a parent meeting at 4:00 PM on registration day. It will be conducted by our "AIM Parents" Mike and Karen Miller, who have had four sons go through AIM.

What's the deal with the way AIM classes are named?
At AIM, we designate classes by year, but it is different than what you are probably used to. For example, whereas most high school and college classes are referred to by the year they graduate, AIM classes are referred to by the year in which they start. For example, the AIM class that started in August of will complete their minimum field training in the summer of and will graduate in March of , but they are referred to as the AIM Class of . This method of naming just seems to fit better with the style and structure of AIM training.


When we go to class during the weeks, can the girls wear flip flops?
Sorry, no flip flops. If you're not sure whether something is a flip-flop, a defining feature of flip-flops is rubber. Sandals are okay for the girls.