AIM History

AIM History

In October of 1973, sixteen young adults came to Sunset looking for something more... something more than just sitting in church, going to devotionals and attending youth rallies. They dreamed of being different by making a difference in their world. They dreamed of an adventure. They asked the staff of Sunset School of Preaching and the elders of the Sunset Church to help them be prepared to teach and reach the lost.

And so the adventure began. For almost a year they studied the Word of God together, learned the will of God for their lives and how to share His will with others. They went to Dublin, Ireland together. They prayed, studied and taught. They rode in buses, knocked on doors and sang at public parks together. They made it their AIM to preach the gospel (Romans 15:20). During these two years together they, with God's help, brought life to 19 lost souls.

In those years the church was strengthened, the lost were saved and 16 young disciples were blessed. They then returned home to colleges, to marriages, to careers and to churches. They have become students, aiming to share the gospel with roommates and other friends. They have become husbands and wives, aiming to strengthen their mates in the service of the Lord. They have become Bible class teachers, youth ministers, deacons, evangelists and missionaries, aiming to challenge the church to preach the gospel to the whole world.

Little did they know that their step of faith into Dublin would be just the first step of an ongoing march of over 1000 young adults to 131 mission points in over 22 states of our nation and 45 nations of our world.

That march continues to this day...even into the 21st Century.