Missionary Care

AIM’s Missionary Care Vision: “Sending, Maintaining, & Bringing Back Whole Missionaries (AIMers), Who Remain Faithfully Committed to Serving God Boldly Throughout Their Lives: A Ministry of Support to Help Ensure AIMers’ Success.


Support Services for AIMers:

(Missionary care services available to AIMers before, during, & after their mission apprenticeship)
Email Support Services for AIMers Pat Sheaffer, psheaffer@sibi.cc, with any prayer requests, needs, questions, or updates from your AIM mission field.

  • Prayer/Spiritual Support: Prayer support, Bible reading plans, & biblical encouragement. Email your prayer requests.
  • Moral Support: Periodic enrichment emails for missionaries and AIMers are provided & you may correspond about various issues in confidence.
  • Counseling/Psychological Support: Pre-field, on-field, & post-field psychological evaluations & counseling services, for issues such as culture shock, reverse culture shock, conflict management, ministry burnout, depression, stress & anxiety, grief & loss, personal growth etc. (by email, phone, web cam, and/or face to face)
  • Crisis/Contingency Support: Field visits, debriefing, or help with planning following a crisis situation
  • Team/Interpersonal Support: Conflict mediation services and assistance with team building
  • Topical Missionary Care Seminars: “Team building, surviving culture shock, stress management, conflict resolution, missionary care, & reentry” etc.
  • Financial/Logistical Support: Assistance with developing your ministry partnership plan, a budget, newsletters, savings, etc.
  • Communication Support: Assistance w/ developing a plan to better communicate w/ your sending church about serving as senders, updating them, etc.
  • Reentry Support: AIM reentry seminars are held in August & March for AIMers to share & celebrate their victories & challenges together.
  • Physical/Medical Support: Assistance with developing healthy habits of diet, exercise, & sleep, & w/ securing professional medical advice.
  • Future Plans/Career Support: Career assessment, counseling, information, & resources are available after, as well as during, their mission.
  • Family/MK Support: Information, resources, & discussion about issues related to missionary families and missionary kids (MK’s)
  • Missions Resources: Resource information, such as various missions related books, movies, websites, & organizations etc., is also available upon request.