Patrick Sheaffer: Staff Coordinator

Pat Sheaffer

Staff Coordinator

Pat Sheaffer

Message from Pat

While AIM is not the only way for college-age men and women to serve and know God, it is a powerful opportunity for those wishing to pursue personal godliness and great commission awareness, and actively participate on a mission field for at least 14 months. What an incredible journey of faith that so many young people have made in the last 30 years be deciding to "make it their ambition (aim) to preach the gospel" (Romans 16:20). Yes, it is a huge step of faith, trust, and commitment that God will most certainly bless as you grow in the knowledge of His Son and share that with a lost and dying world. Please pray about not what AIM can do for you--though it can change your life--but how God desires to change the world through you. We are praying for young men and women with willing hearts--hearts that wish to be transformed by Jesus for a world of change!

Pat Sheaffer (AIM '88)

Biographical Info

Pat brings a unique combination of experiences to his new position here, having seen AIM from multiple perspectives. He is the first person in the history of AIM administration to have experienced AIM first as a student, then as an assistant, and most recently as a coordinator on the field.

Pat came to AIM in 1988 and served for 3 years on the field in Lisbon, Portugal. There he met Malissa (Patterson), who came to AIM a year after Pat. After returning from their field service in Portugal, Pat and Malissa married and served for several years as AIM assistants. During that time, Pat graduated from SIBI ('94) and Lubbock Christian University ('97), and served as a youth minister in Clovis, NM ('92-'96). In March 1998, Pat and Malissa embarked as part of a team to Guadalajara, Mexico, where they spent five years as church planting missionaries.

Along with his family, Pat moved to Lubbock in March of 2003 to serve as Staff Coordinator. Pat and Malissa have three young sons: Noah, Luke, and Titus.